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NYU College of Nursing



NYU’s College of Nursing is a national leader providing opportunities for health care professionals specializing in the care of older adults. Their program, Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE), includes an established membership of nearly 500 hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationally and internationally. NYU needed an experienced eLearning provider to rapidly develop an LMS for the NICHE program to effectively coordinate resources, certifications, and continuing education credits for working gerontology professionals. The LMS would also serve as an organizational strategic component helping hospitals achieve a NICHE designation as quality geriatric care facilities.


As an eLearning technology and service partner with the knowledge and flexibility to provide LMS and instructional design support, NICHE could be confident in their selection of Web Courseworks to provide an economic solution to their eLearning initiative.

The solution included the efficient implementation of the open source-based CourseStage LMS. Use of a common, open-source platform allows clients to tap into a global open source community of professionals all familiar with the application. Web Courseworks’ commitment to the most recent upgrade timeline allows for an unsurpassed speed of innovation. NICHE takes advantage of many CourseStage features. PagePro allows for the simple creation of courses without the need for advanced technical knowledge, eCommerce, and availability of continuing education credits with certificates. Incorporation of the hierarchy feature within CourseStage allows for specialized access to learner records based on the established user segmentations. In selecting Web Courseworks’ CourseStage learning management system (LMS), NICHE had the flexibility of utilizing authoring tools in the system.

Results / Employee or Member Response

The efforts of New York University College of Nursing’s program Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders to take evidence based research and extend it beyond the university into the working community have enabled professional development for adult learners around the country.

The implementation of CourseStage LMS has led to efficient enhancement of delivery of educational training to NICHE healthcare professionals. By applying Web Courseworks’ specialized features built on an open-source code base, Web Courseworks improved the design and functionality over NICHE’s previous system.