A Preview of Next Week’s Blog Topic

Ever aware of the potential for bettering education for all age levels,  Jeff Cobb recently shared a thought-provoking infographic via LinkedIn.  Created by KnowledgeWorks, the visual busily and effectively lays out their view of a diverse, meaningful, and innovative “Future of Learning.”

A Glimpse Into the Future of Learning Infographic
Copyright: KnowledgeWorks.org

Cobb’s sharing of this infographic prompted our curiosity about the future of K-12 education.  We then began thinking about how professional associations are really applying these “futuristic” online education opportunities now.

Needless to say, this comparison could be debated and discussed endlessly!  Thus, it is decided:  Our next blog post will focus on strategies for applying KnowledgeWorks’ forecast for learning to today’s associations and their efforts in providing professional development and training to employees.  The future is here today in online adult education.

How does your business embody one of KnowledgeWorks’ futuristic learning methods today?  Or, which change would you most like to continue seeing develop in your professional community?

Ponder these questions over the long Labor Day weekend, and please comment with your ideas.  We would love to hear them.

See you next week!

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