About Chris Nickerson

You may have seen Chris Nickerson’s TEDX Talk “Hackers are all about curiosity, and security is just a feeling”. Nickerson is the CEO of LARES Consulting; a company that focuses on helping organizations make informed decisions about their security systems, keeping their clients/members/visitors safe from security intruders. Nickerson himself has always had an interest in how things work, but more importantly how to discover new variables for improvement. Nickerson and his team use a variety of assessments to evaluate his client’s security environment and effectively secure what matters most.

About His Webinar

Organizations have been hiring Chris and his team at LARES to perform penetration testing at networks to uncover vulnerabilities. Learn about Red Team vs. Blue Team and how it can help you avoid an embarrassing leak of data. What could be stolen from your learning management system, association management system, and other systems vital for your associations day-to-day operations? Learn what questions you should be asking, and what actions to be taking, as an association executive to mitigate your organizations security risks. Have you tested your firewall lately?

Security assessments all associations need:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Application Security Assessment
  • Red Team testing
  • Insider Threat Assessment
  • Forensics and Incident Response