Professional Services

The Web Courseworks team affords expertise from multiple sectors to organizations that offer online education to professional learners.

We’ve been in the learning technology business for nearly 40 years. Over that time, we’ve learned a thing (or two!) about the development and administration of learning programs for associations, medical societies, and other member-based professional groups.

Whether managing SMEs, assisting with instructional design, or something else– our professional services maximize your eLearning processes for efficiency and quality.

Our consulting practice’s mission is to help our clients grow their online learning businesses.  Our collective experiences teaching online courses at the university level; our serious approach to staying abreast of the latest eLearning technology used by enterprises, colleges and national associations; and our hands on experience as innovators for both content development and delivery platforms makes us ideal consultants to collaborate with you on your online learning business strategy.

Jon Aleckson PhD

Chief Thought Leader

Instructional Design

We specialize in the development of effective eLearning programs, including the courses contained within them. This includes:

  • Topic research and course authoring
  • Instructional design
  • Graphic design services
  • Final proofing
  • Course conversion services

We not only provide your team with the LMS to support effective eLearning, but we can help you fill it with valuable courses that meet your learners’ goals. 

Web Courseworks serves healthcare associations.
Web Courseworks serves businesses investing in channel partner training.

Learning Management Administration

There is much more involved in the successful administration of an eLearning program beyond the initial investment into software and instructional design. We offer the following ongoing administrative services:

  • LMS Administration: Our experienced administrators are platform agnostic and can keep your systems running smoothly.
  • Call Center: We provide end-user, after-hours, and overflow live phone support to ensure that you have the help you need to overcome any LMS-related challenges.
  • Onsite & Virtual Training: We have extensive experience managing web events. This includes meetings, webinars, multi-day forums, conferences, hybrid events, instructor-led training, and more.

If your team doesn’t have the time or expertise to manage your ongoing eLearning programming, we’re prepared to step in.

Subject Matter Expert Management

We believe in creating courses that are genuinely valuable and informed by subject matter expertise. However, we also realize that your team may not have the time to manage these experts while completing all of the other administrative tasks involved with your organization!

We offer subject matter expert management (SME) for this exact reason. We can conduct initial research into your educational topics, SME interviews, and even author the courses after doing so.

Web Courseworks services trade associations.

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