Professional education is one of the top perks that young professionals are looking for in the 21st century. This is especially true for millennials entering the work force, because they tend to be more concerned about their career paths than older generations. Providing educational resources that allow your association members to advance their own careers is a great way to position your organization ahead of the competition. It also increases loyalty to your association when you provide more opportunities for your members. Here are some of the main benefits of offering professional education to your members:

Increased Member Engagement

Research surveys have concluded that members who are provided with professional education are 15 percent more engaged in their organizations. When you provide more to your members, they react positively and are more likely to give back in return. Retention rates are also 34 percent higher for those who are provided with continuing educational opportunities. When you give their careers a boost through educational opportunities, your members will become vocal champions of your association and attract additional memberships.

Increased Credibility

Professional education is a huge draw for members because it gives them the chance to advance in their careers. Advanced certifications can lead to promotions, salary increases and an increase in credibility in many fields. Professional development presents the opportunity for a worker to become a go-to resource or even a respected expert in their chosen field. Expert coursework makes career advancement for many of your members a more achievable dream.

Staying Current

Some fields require recertification for licensing purposes, while others may require their workforce to take refresher courses for changes in local, state, or federal laws and regulations. In addition, technology is rapidly changing in the 21st century and for the workforce to keep up, advanced education may be a necessity. Professional education also allows your members to maintain and enhance their knowledge base so they can deliver the best possible services. Offering your members the opportunity to stay current with other professionals in their field can be a huge draw.

Increased Revenue

Providing educational coursework can be an enhanced revenue stream for professional associations. While association memberships are great in and of themselves, individuals are more drawn to groups that provide more for them in terms of overall benefits. Professional courses can be an added source of revenue for your organization, especially if combined with exclusive industry certifications for completion.

Increased Membership

Having a solid professional education framework in place can position your organization as a leader in your field. The added prestige of providing professional development coursework can be a big draw for association memberships. When your courses attract additional members, it also increases your bottom line as more people pay dues to join your association. When your members are willing to sing the praises of your association to other industry professionals, it improves your brand as a helpful and beneficial group to join.