Software Release Coordinator

Job Description

The qualified candidate does not need experience in the software industry, but rather the following attributes:

  1. Highly analytical.
  2. Highly organized.
  3. Attracted to mastering technology.
  4. Attracted to taming complexity.

We are looking for the kind of person that likes to plunge into new technologies, learning how it all works, rather than understanding it just well enough to do what you need.  Do you buckle-down when challenged by very complicated circumstances?  Can you absorb information quickly, take it out of context and into abstract terms, and then come to a logical conclusion?  Do you resist chaos and chance, and enjoy working with processes that structure and streamline complicated deliverables?  Do you learn new things quickly?

If you possess these qualities, consider a career with Web Coursworks as a Software Release Coordinator.  We will train you to monitor and manage units of software as they travel though the development lifecycle.  You will use web-based dashboards to identify incoming work, then use other dashboards to monitor and promote those units of work as they are developed by programmers, tested, and ultimately integrated into our product, which is a nationally recognized eLearning platform.

This position is an outstanding gateway opportunity for the candidate that is interested in software and technical management, but doesn’t have a strong background in programming.  If you believe that you have the qualities that we are seeking, do not be discouraged by a lack of experience in the software industry- please give us the opportunity consider you.

Additional skills and experience that could help a candidate be successful:

  1. Some knowledge of, or exposure to programming in web development languages such as PHP, SQL, HTML.
  2. Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.
  3. Eagerness to work independently, learn voraciously, and take responsibility.
  4. Ability to scale your focus from details, to holistic views.
  5. Previous membership on a team that delivered projects.