A technology community in Chicago that primarily supports national associations is holding their Solutions Day on September 19th. This all-day event will be held at the American Society of Anesthesiologists building in Schaumburg, IL.

One pair of keynote speakers features the Chief Information Office and the Chief Innovation Officer from CHEST (formerly the American College of Chest Physicians). Ron Moen (right) and Chad Jackson (left) should inspire creativity at the Solutions Conference with their explanation of how CHEST makes learning fun and interesting for physicians.

Chad Jackson

Ron Moen

The board of directors has charged staff with tripling the number of physician learners CHEST serves in the next five years.  This takes a lot of innovative thinking and an inspired plan. 

When I interviewed both speakers for this blog post they would not reveal much of their secret sauce. However, they said this year’s CHEST Annual gathering will involve “challenging doctors to solve puzzles inside an escape room”.

“We get a lot of inspiration by brainstorming ideas with our physician faculty”, said Ron Moen. Chad Jackson added the importance of imagination around a theme. “After deciding to pay homage to various science fiction movies, the design framework came together”, continued Jackson.

If you are in the business of managing a community of practice, like CHEST physicians, and in the Chicago area on September 19th join us at Solutions Day to learn how other association executives are meeting challenges with new ideas.