The desire to properly educate members will always be a top priority for associations around the globe. Associations constantly look for ways to educate their members in the most efficient and timely matter. This is the reason many have made the switch from traditional learning to online learning or eLearning.

All online learning platforms have the same goal—to provide training to their employees. But different eLearning platforms tailor to different industries. A learning management system (LMS) makes eLearning easier for associations because it can administer training and certifications to an entire member base, including leadership positions, along with the ability to boost member engagement.

Better Member Engagement

A lack of member engagement can severely hinder the growth of an association, making this a top priority for associations. Hiring a trainer to deliver content can get to be boring for members, and there is no way to track how much they have learned. An association LMS keeps members engaged by providing certifications and continuing education within its courses. This fosters professional development and member loyalty, which in turn, can lead to major benefits such as increased revenue and job opportunities down the road.

With the digital age, an association LMS can also drive up member engagement by making courses easily accessible anywhere, anytime, and at a member’s own convenience.

Cost-Effective Education

Larger associations are known to have thousands of members, and traditional, in-person training can get to be a major financial burden. An association LMS can handle a large population of individuals, reducing the stress and hefty costs associated with traditional, in-person training. Expenses such as venue, travel, catering, and trainer fees are eliminated.

Professional Development Opportunities

Most members want certifications and professional development, and an association LMS can make it easy to achieve these goals, ultimately reducing extra work for leadership staff. Association learning management systems also provide courses for leaders to strengthen their skills and advance their career, creating equal learning opportunities for the entire association. Overall, implementing a solid learning management system can position your association at the top of its field.

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