The October 29th eLearning Thought Leader webinar will feature Clark Aldrich speaking on creating interactive micro learning.   As a game and simulation expert, Clark Aldrich, has written the dogma on games and simulations .  Clark has promoted learning by doing since  the early part of the century with the publishing of his book by the same title.  He is now a tireless advocate for economically building short simulations—and lots of them.

According to Clark most online learning today is a PowerPoint slide show or series of web pages of text and pictures.

“We do not need more page turners or more drag n drop exercises”, advocates Aldrich.

What is needed are “case study” like short simulations that force the learner to think and make decisions.  Gaming, according to Aldrich, has taught us that we learn through failure and the branched scenario with multiple decision points takes online learning to another level.  If they are kept short, they can fulfill the promise of micro learning.   The simulations however do not need to be a production, done with 3D graphics.  Instead Clark will discuss why national associations rich in content IP and subject matter experts need to take action to build out as many short sims in a year as possible.  Clark sees the development software getting so easy that someday subject matter experts will author these simulations without the aid of a developer.

Attend this one hour webinar and learn the ten best practices of designing and developing short sims.   Clark Aldrich will also provide practical tips on the pit falls to avoid when building short sims.  Clark will inspire you to take action and commit to building out a library of micro learning simulations that can be used both in the classroom and online as learning activities and even as assessments.

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