The Virtual LMS Administrator

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LMS administrators are a necessity for the successful implementation and upkeep of an LMS.  Last year, we talked about the Anatomy of an LMS Administrator as a two-part series, where we got a day-in-the-life glimpse of what an LMS Administrator needs for success. Part One focused on the technical issues that an LMS Administrator will deal with on a regular basis, while Part Two takes an in-depth look at the larger role an LMS Administrator has in implementing and running an LMS. However, there now is a new title to add to this diagram – The Anatomy of a Virtual LMS Administrator.



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What has become interesting about this role is that some associations are looking at the possibility of a virtual LMS Administrator. This is helpful for smaller associations who may only need certain parts of the LMS Administrator roles filled, or some may only need a part-time administrator versus full-time. The virtual aspect of the job is also a benefit for the employee. It gives them the chance to work remotely which, can often be a plus for a position with part-time hours. Having a virtual administrator also means that an association can expand their job reach to any part of the country or world. This would allow them to tap into larger job markets with individuals with more experience than who may be available locally. You can read more about hiring the right LMS Administrator here.

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) has recently posted a job application for the role of “Education Coordinator – Virtual Position.” The summary for the position can be found below:

  • Responsible for working with the Executive Director, Director of Events and various association committees to plan and implement all continuing legal education seminars sponsored by the NACBA.
  • Oversee the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) accreditation process, including completing CLE applications for accreditation of NACBA conferences, workshops and webinars, accredited provider status(es) and year-end CLE accreditation reports and maintaining CLE program files.
  • Coordinate correspondence to speakers and vendors, compile and prepare information for program fliers and marketing materials, and staff seminars.
  • Coordinate marketing and communications for events.
  • Serve as liaison to NACBA Committees.
  • Provide administrative and membership support.

As you can see, this job description follows many of those general duties of an LMS Administrator, but, for this position, it has the ability to be done virtually. This will be interesting to follow as we will see if a completely virtual role can be applied to the LMS Administrator.

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