As a frequent eLearning blogger, I’m excited to share how Tony Karrer, CEO/CTO of TechEmpower, is continuing to be a leader and innovator in the eLearning industry. His TechEmpower site serves as a gateway to the very best eLearning blogs, including, by aggregating eLearning-related content from a variety of sources that are organized around keywords.

Karrer has just announced that now has a powerful personalization engine. Based on a combination of social signals, interests, and other factors, the site’s platform now creates a custom newsletter for each subscriber.

Karrer says of the new feature, “The reason that I’m most excited about this is that I partly use eLearning Learning to make sure I don’t miss things that is good content that is relevant to me.  Now with personalization, it is even less likely that something will sneak by.”

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