Michael Hartman of Sandstorm Design will be presenting during our February eLearning Thought Leaders Series Webinar! During this webinar, viewers can expect to learn about how usability testing can help drive a significantly improved user experience for your members. Michael Hartman leads the development team, information architects, user research, and usability studies at Sandstorm Design and is excited to share his expertise on the topic of usability in the association space.

To have a better understanding of what this webinar is all about, listen to our recorded interview with Michael Hartman below:

Question: What will you be telling us about during your webinar on February 27th?

Answer: Through five case studies, Michael will discuss lessons learned from over 3000 hours of usability studies and research in association website usability. He will also discuss the methods for conducting usability studies and why they are an important part of the design process.


Question: What is meant by usability and why should organizations doing CE care?

Answer: Usability is the ease of access. It relates to the intuitive labeling and organization of content and tasks, coupled with an interface design that requires little or no additional thinking to use. If your application is difficult to use than people will not use it. Simple as that.


Question: What is distinctive about association websites when it comes to UI and UX design?

Answer: Association websites usually have more content than most. They use language and messaging that is specific to their members expertise. On top of that, they utilize additional platforms such as a Learning Management System (LMS). With this complexity, it can create unique challenges for associations across their suite of sites. 


Question: Who should attend this webinar?

Answer: Anyone who is involved in the design or management of a website.


Usability is very important when satisfying your members continuing education needs. This webinar will touch on preferred visual elements, how many events are appropriate to have on your events page, what type of language should be used in navigation items, and more! Save your seat today and sign up for our eLearning Thought Leaders Webinar with Michael Hartman from Sandstorm Design.