Date: February 27th, 2018 11:30AM-12:30PM CT

Watch Recorded Webinar Here

Michael Hartman, Executive Experience Director of Sandstorm Design, will be presenting “Usability tips for a Seamless LMS”. Through case studies, and over 3,000 hours of usability research that apply to association website usability, he will explain how usability testing can help drive significantly improved user experiences.

During this webinar, Michael Hartman will answer the following 5 questions:

1.) What visuals are preferred by your members when it comes to their user experience?

2.) How many events should you have on your events page?

3.) Why type of language should be used in navigation items?

4.) What are you doing that is causing people to miss content?

5.) What is confusing to your members and how can you make usability easier?