Conference Now: Virtual Event Platform by Web Courseworks


Conference Now is a virtual event experience built with associations in mind.

Using the Conference Now platform, Web Courseworks constructs a comprehensive online event experience.



Conference Now: Virtual Event Platform Features


Looking to host a virtual event? Conference Now by Web Courseworks can recreate your education and networking events in one dynamic virtual conference portal.

Powered by an award-winning system purpose-built for associations, Conference Now combines live sessions, pre-recorded tracks, live chat, community features, and more so you can focus on what’s important: your members.

Interactive content is one of the features of the virtual event platform offered by Web Courseworks.

Interactive Content


Conference Now replicates the engaging content of in-person conferences through the virtual sphere.

Choose the production value of your choice, ranging from pre-recorded content to live-streamed keynotes– all hosted within the platform. Set automated notifications and reminders, and moderate audience Q&A and polls to ensure attendees remain engaged throughout the event.

Virtual networking is one feature of Conference Now, a virtual event platform.

Virtual Networking


With built-in chat functionality and integrations with popular video conferencing software, including Zoom and GoToMeeting, virtual networking is easier than ever.

Within Conference Now, attendees can communicate in real-time with built-in chat. Further, you can recreate the face-to-face networking experience by hosting discussion forums, breakout sessions, and even virtual “coffee chats,” in which attendees can join together to discuss key topics.

Engagement tools are one feature of Conference Now, a virtual event platform.

Engagement Tools


Built-in collaboration tools make sure your attendees show up and stick around.

Allow attendees and conference presenters to collaborate with one another via chat and video conference. Further, allow attendees to directly interact with sponsors and exhibition booth hosts with optional live chat.

Conference Now, the virtual event platform offered by Web Courseworks, features online tradeshow capabilities.

Online Tradeshow


Give your event sponsors the visibility of a live exhibition hall using Conference Now.

With virtual tradeshow and exhibit hall functionality, sponsors and exhibitors can host virtual “booths.” In these booths, they can share PDF informational resources, video demos, and respond to live chat from conference attendees.

With these features, your association’s next virtual conference can be just as engaging and valuable to members as any place-based iteration. Further, hosting one of these conferences is easier than ever– especially considering the virtual event planning solutions offered by Web Courseworks.

Virtual Event Platform: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a virtual conference with Conference Now?

We request at least 4 weeks notice to set up a virtual conference. If you’re looking for production services with pre-recorded sessions (Production Value 2), we recommend allowing even more time for coordinating the recordings with your presenters.

What can we configure on the platform for our conference?

The Web Courseworks team will configure Conference Now for your virtual event. We configure:

  • URL:
  • Branding: Logo, Favicon, Primary and Secondary Colors, Button Color and Hover Color
  • Conference Landing Page
  • Sessions
  • User Management
Can we still use our webinar platform for live sessions?
Yes! We have out-of-the-box integrations with GoToMeeting, Zoom, Adobe Connect, and Vimeo.
Can you assist with event production?

Yes! We offer 3 levels of event production services depending on the format of the session:


  1. Production Value 1: Live Webinar or Meeting
    • Web Courseworks will assist your presenter with a prep session, moderate the live session, and provide a recording post-session.
  2. Production Value 2: Pre-Recorded Session with Live Moderation
    • Web Courseworks will meet with your presenters to pre-record their sessions in a controlled environment with quality lighting and audio. We will also assist the presenter with moderating the chat in the live environment in Conference Now.
  3. Production Value 3: Livestream
    • Web Courseworks will prepare your presenters with high-quality audio, lighting, and background.
    • Web Courseworks will livestream your presenters using video production tools – directly in Conference Now (no need for additional software)
    • Only 1 session can be livestreamed at a time
What kind of support do you provide?
We will fully manage the platform for you, ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. We offer a dedicated contact before, during, and after your event to answer any questions you have.
Where can I learn more about virtual conferences?

Explore the following educational resources about virtual conferences for associations:

Download Anatomy of a Virtual Event to learn more.