January 24, 2017 (Madison, WI) – Web Courseworks, a leader in innovative adult learning technologies, won a coveted Brandon Hall Group bronze award for excellence in the Best Advance in the Performance Management category. This award recognizes innovative technology that grows the performance of a national association and other communities of practice.

CEO of Web Courseworks, Jon Aleckson, said, “I’ve been following Brandon Hall’s company since I stood in line to shake Brandon’s hand in 2002.  Now some 15 years later I am thrilled that Web Courseworks is a recipient of a Brandon Hall Company technology award.  This award provides us with credibility in the performance management software arena.  Customers will be sure to give us a second look, and they should.”

The award was given to Web Courseworks’ Quality Improvement Education program (QIE). Web Courseworks has created eLearning software for corporations, national associations, and medical societies since 1979. This specific program focuses on helping improve the performance of adult learners. The program is set up for a learner to move through a list of activities in order to evaluate the pre and post-performance of the learner.

Performance improvement is an important goal and program initiative for corporate talent management, however, Web Courseworks specifically targets the QIE program to medical associations. The Quality Improvement Education program (QIE) is advancing the next level of medical education. QIE provides the ability to document and generate reports based on individual performance improvement, which will become increasingly important in the healthcare industry.

The hope will be for quality and performance improvement education programs, such as QIE, to grow and develop in the healthcare space in order for hospitals and individuals to demonstrate evidence-based performance improvement. With upcoming changes in healthcare law, the ability to report evidence-based performance improvement will become essential for both hospitals and individual healthcare professionals alike to be able to supply detailed reports on their educational improvement activities and results.

Dr. Andy Hicken, Director of Product Development at Web Courseworks, worked closely on the Quality Improvement Education project and is a subject matter expert in performance improvement. Dr. Hicken said, “QIE gives organizations a way to tie learning to performance based on real data, all within a single platform. You can build performance assessments to collect data that matters for your learners and use the learning assets you have available in whatever format. There’s a thorough psychometric analysis that makes the evaluation of your activities easy. It’s easy to build activities from drag-and-drop templates and it all works on a phone, tablet, or desktop. We’re excited to offer this solution and honored to be recognized by Brandon Hall.”

About Web Courseworks

Web Courseworks is a learning technologies and consulting company. We help corporations, associations, medical societies, and non-profits leverage technology and drive highly successful education initiatives that push them to be the leading provider of education in their field. We continue to develop and benefit from our unique position as a full-service eLearning company. To learn more about Web Courseworks’ solutions, including Quality Improvement Education, please visit http://www.webcourseworks.com.

About Brandon Hall Group, Inc.

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